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Sometimes when we feel frustrated with certain aspects of our life, we want help in trying to make sense of it. In turning towards our difficulties and fears, our perceptions may shift and this new way of seeing helps us discover what we most deeply value. My practice includes questioning beliefs and challenging patterns that keep us from healing, growing and deepening our connection to ourselves and others. Learn More»

Individual Therapy

When we are met with attuned, compassionate attention we are more likely to feel safe and supported. This sense of security often creates the freedom to discover new possibilities for our well-being. I like helping people make changes that bring more joy into their lives. Some of the areas I work with include depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, attachment related issues, grief, mindfulness and somatic practices. Learn More»

Couples Counseling

Relationships can be one of the most rewarding and challenging parts of our lives. Helping couples communicate more deeply from their hearts is a passion of mine. I teach communication techniques that help build a foundation of trust and understanding. Couples learn to experience the deeper emotions and needs that underlie their communication styles and find a more loving and secure bond. Learn More»
Teresa Lesko, PsyD Licensed Psychologist PSY17207. 5480 College Avenue. Oakland. Ca. 94618. 510.923.1082.